Elaine is a magnetic personality without the ego or arrogance that often accompanies such attributes – this makes her easy to work with. However, once I realized that she is a diligent and professional as well – I knew my business needed to work with her. When going to my first appointment I expected a mediocre experience as one often encounters with most things in life. This was not the case. I like to pretend that my personal life has no effect on my professional life, however, we ended up focusing more on the personal side of things at first simply because that’s what needed to happen. My first visit caused me to come away with serious revelations. Over the duration of our work together the following sessions were more business-focused. The point is Elaine helps you discover what needs to be dealt with in order to be a more effective business owner. I considered her my secret weapon to my business and I am loathed to leave this review because I don’t want the word getting out. If you’re on the fence, you’d be a fool not to work with her.

Martin Knapp, founder South East Wealth Management, www.southeastwm.com