What clients say

‘Someone who knows’

I like to work with someone who knows … rather than just muddling along.



When I agreed to have a kinesiology session with Elaine, I did not know what to expect, being totally ignorant of the subject. However, Elaine quickly put me at ease and explained the science and methodology of Kinesiology in a friendly conversational manner that I found understandable and interesting.

The Discovery Session was incredible. I have prior knowledge of energy work from a Reiki background. However, this was a whole new ball game. I was surprised at how much Elaine could tell about me just from assessing the energy flow around my muscular-skeletal system. I was simply stunned at how accurately she was able to pinpoint the blockages that were responsible for many challenges I face in life. Mostly childhood trauma suppressed in my body.

Elaine performed the treatment and gave me some actions that I had to undertake for five days after the treatment and I have to say it has been wonderful. I feel lighter like a great stone has been lifted from my shoulders. My sleeping has improved, and I feel so much better.

I would recommend to anyone to try kinesiology, with Elaine, for themselves. It surprised me how beneficial it was and it can do the same for you.

Tony Lavelle - EaziApps, eazi-apps.com/tonylavelle


Meeting Elaine at a networking group has changed everything. She somehow knew that I wasn’t in a good place, we had our 1-2-1 and after that Elaine offered me an initial free consultation!… well I thought I have nothing to lose, let’s try!!!

Elaine is one lovely lady, warm, friendly, kind, full of experience/knowledge in her professional field.

It’s very hard for me to put my feelings into words. Elaine, you are a fantastic lady… you have changed my life, I’m able to move forward with strength, confidence and positivity….

“One remarkable lady” never to be forgotten. THANK YOU

Jim Albert - CPA Property Services, cpapropertyservices.co.uk

‘I overcame a huge mental block’

Elaine has helped me overcome a huge mental block and, a year later, I am still so much calmer, more confident and able to cope with problems in a more constructive way – and this has not been an easy year.  Elaine’s positive attitude, coupled with her wide-ranging experience, knowledge and intelligent intuition has been the catalyst for change.  She is warm and approachable, instantly put me at my ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and wish her every success in all her ventures.

Fiona Taylor - East Sussex

‘Wealth of experience and knowledge’

Elaine is such a warm and friendly person she immediately made me feel at ease when I saw her for my first appointment. I didn’t know what to expect but was delighted by the process and found it very quickly got to the core of my problem. Elaine’s work is deep and very meaningful …..I can’t say I really understand how it works but, the beauty is, I don’t need to, I just know it does work. Elaine has a wealth of experience and knowledge of her subject and will help you work through whatever is holding you back …..freeing you to be the best you ever.

Nadine Searle - Calmer Self, www.calmerself.co.uk

‘Rise above all sorts of challenges’

Elaine has a rare and special gift of really being able to ‘see and hear nonjudgmentally and so truly connects with her clients’. She works from a place of love and integrity and has a whole host of tools and resources that she uses to support her clients whatever their issues. I have referred clients to Elaine, all of whom have been really helped and I know that when I am looking for support it is her I will turn to. She is quite simply an amazing lady, a people’s person, that enables people to change and rise above all sorts of challenges.

Helen Prosper - Live Well & Prosper, livewellandprosper.uk

‘Consult Elaine, you’ll be pleased you did’

Elaine is the consummate listener – if your life is full of unanswered questions and uncertainties, she’ll help you find a way through your concerns in a quiet and considered manner, instantly putting you, the individual, at ease in her consulting room. The ‘patient confidence’ factor here is important, you’ll be able to discuss your situation in the knowledge that the conversation remains within her four walls, yet she operates outside the more formal medical constraints one normally finds in consultative arrangements that make one think ‘all this is going on the record somewhere’. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who has unsolved uncertainties in their life, and who would like real answers to those concerns, to consult Elaine, you’ll be pleased you did.

Richard Smith - Owner, Eyemasters, www.eyemasters.co.uk

‘Helped me gain the confidence’

Elaine has really helped me gain the confidence to handle situations I have avoided all my life. Which has lead me to take on a role I never saw myself doing. I can’t thank her enough and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs help and encouragement.

Andy Tunstall - Rother Print, www.rotherprint.org

‘I consider her my secret weapon’

Elaine is a magnetic personality without the ego or arrogance that often accompanies such attributes – this makes her easy to work with. However, once I realized that she is a diligent and professional as well – I knew my business needed to work with her. When going to my first appointment I expected a mediocre experience as one often encounters with most things in life. This was not the case. I like to pretend that my personal life has no effect on my professional life, however, we ended up focusing more on the personal side of things at first simply because that’s what needed to happen. My first visit caused me to come away with serious revelations. Over the duration of our work together the following sessions were more business-focused. The point is Elaine helps you discover what needs to be dealt with in order to be a more effective business owner. I considered her my secret weapon to my business and I am loathed to leave this review because I don’t want the word getting out. If you’re on the fence, you’d be a fool not to work with her.

Martin Knapp, founder South East Wealth Management, www.southeastwm.com

‘Envisioning success’

I’m currently seeing Elaine for help and advice with achieving a goal. Elaine is simply brilliant, really professional and explains everything along the way. Her insights are extremely helpful in assisting me on my way to envisioning success. Thank you Elaine!

Danny The Idiot - Entertainer, www.dannytheidiot.com

‘Less work but having a greater benefit to my business’

I met Elaine through a networking group. Immediately I could see her passion for helping people and was intrigued to see if she could help me with my energy and focus. I was offered an initial free consultation and immediately I felt relaxed and positive. On that basis I booked further appointments. Elaine has helped me reset my energy and focus as well as understanding the way my body and mind work.

I am now doing more for myself, less work but having a greater benefit to my business. I would recommend Elaine, and have done, to all business associates and friends. Her relaxed approach placing guidance and understanding would benefit anyone. Thank you Elaine.

Chris Philcox - True Potential, www.tppcs.co.uk

‘My confidence is back’

Before I had the first session I sent a message to Elaine – ‘Let’s see what’s possible in impossible.’

Every time we have session another layer comes off me. I will be honest it has been the inner journey into the subconscious mind, unknown at first, feeling much relieved after.

At some point on the way back after one of the sessions, I couldn’t stop smiling, it’s like white magic with good positive vibes. Elaine is a very intuitive, warm-hearted person and listens to what people want to say at first, then her intuition and vast knowledge come in place.

I recommend Elaine and her practice now with clean conscious and subconscious.

I cannot thank you enough Elaine.

Marcin Choszczyk - YONET Web Design & SEO, www.yonet.co.uk

‘I really felt myself again’

After the last session where you helped me to reach a place where I could be open to new opportunities – a new opportunity presented itself! I have met someone. I really felt myself again after our sessions and was finally able to see what was in front of me all along and life is good again 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me reach this place.

SM, East Sussex