Personal Branding

I have been a kinesiologist for just over 20 years. Prior to taking my professional kinesiology qualifications, I had spent around 20 years working in design management and corporate branding. It’s a very exciting time now as I combine my extensive training in both those areas and offer the benefit of that knowledge and expertise to my clients.

I have always had a natural eye for colour and design. Men’s tailoring, women’s fashion and making my own clothes has long been a passion of mine. In my teenage years, I had wanted to be a make-up artist but my education and working life took a different course, partly through circumstance and partly through my lack of confidence. It’s something I had always wanted to do.

Personal Branding

A few of years ago I passed an International Make-Up Association certificate course at The London School of Make-Up, thinking that I might use make-up as a means to help build confidence in women. However, after qualifying and a few months practise with some willing clients, I decided that it wasn’t the right fit at that time.

Last year I realised I wanted to honour my creative side and I started a course at The British College of Professional Styling. This course covers styling interiors and food as well as clothing for both men and women and it is my intention to incorporate this training into my business by the way of Personal Branding.

My work is in helping people to feel comfortable with presenting themselves in an authentic way from an internal perspective. To have the confidence to be who they are. It seems a natural progression now to support people to present themselves in a congruent way through how they dress and carry themselves.

I will be updating my progress through my blog and Instagram and will be launching this new service later in the year. So come back and check occasionally to see how I’m getting on.

International Make-Up Association
The London School of Make-Up
The British College of Professional Styling