Services & Fees

There is flexibility in the way I work. How often we meet and how long we work together will depend on how far you are from achieving your goal, the depth of your commitment and what type of goal it is.  It’s fair to say that some things take more effort or time than others. You are unique and your process is unique. Once we have had a discussion I will be able to make a recommendation and we will agree on terms.

Discovery Session | Complementary | No Obligation

I cover the cost for you on this initial session because working with a therapist is a very personal thing and I would like you to have a sense of what working with me is like before you commit. We will have a therapeutic relationship based on honesty, non-judgement, support and challenge.

This is an initial session for us to discover if we are a good fit. It’s an opportunity for you to tell me, in a confidential, non-judgemental environment, what you are struggling with and what you want to achieve.

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Be More Effective | Performance Therapy

Once you decide to work with me I will ask you to commit to a programme of sessions, the frequency and timeframe. This provides a structure so that you know that there is a potential end and there is also an opportunity to continue if you wish. There is an enormous benefit in knowing that you have made a commitment to yourself to work on a performance issue in your life and that you have a structure to work in – it will hold you and support you to focus and make significant changes.

One hour, face to face sessions with email contact and telephone support between sessions.
Tailored specifically for you and your goals.
£70 per session.
Discount is available for pre-payment for six sessions.

Fix it For Me | In-Depth Individual Session

You may have an upcoming event which you are struggling with such as giving a presentation, taking a test, making a speech, performing at an event, attending an interview, asking for a promotion, having a difficult conversation with your partner, asking for business, making a decision etc. This session will give you support, clarity and the confidence to move forward productively.

£130 per 90-minute session.